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Hove Park Pavilion


Enhance your health and fitness with Personal Trainers and Fitness Coaches in our studio and outdoor group exercise sessions.

We have a treatment and Therapy room offering Physiotherapy and sports massage. 

Book in for Classes, sessions and appointments with our Coaches and Personal Trainers to help get you into great shape and feel fantastically fit.


Taster Session


The taster session is a great opportunity for you to find out first hand what we do, how we do it  and  what we can offer you.

The 2 type of classes we recommend to try out are either the Kick Start Fitness or the Body Fit classes.

The Kick Start Fitness class is aimed at learning how to get the best body posture (form) for you in order to use the correct (and safe) technique in carrying out the variety of exercises. 

Kick Start Fitness is a small class with no more than 10 people. It is carried out at the best speed for everyone to understand and practice movement and technique. 

We start with a gentle instructed movement orientated warm up involving light jogging, skips, jumps and lunges followed by mobility exercises.

We then look at how we engage in the core and what that actually means for you.

(The core is the interconnected abdominal muscles. These allow you to transfer forces, resists deformation of the spine whilst allowing good movement and it also assists you in the mechanics of breathing) We will make this simple to understand and introduce you to some powerful techniques to get safe, strong control for yourself.

The Body Fit class is aimed at those who have classes experience and are likely familiar with circuit training classes that exist in gyms and bootcamps.

You would possibly be currently involved in some level of physical exercise. 

We would like you to have an understanding of a good plank, squat and perhaps how to perform a safe bent over row with a barbell or dumbbells. 

The teaching and support of these exercises are all in the Kick Start Fitness sessions.

With our membership, you can choose to visit either of these classes as it suits you.

If you have any questions or wish to meet with an instructor or attend a personal training session to identify your wants, needs and goals, please email us.