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Hove Park Pavilion


Enhance your health and fitness with Personal Trainers and Fitness Coaches in our studio and outdoor group exercise sessions.

We have a treatment and Therapy room offering Physiotherapy and sports massage. 

Book in for Classes, sessions and appointments with our Coaches and Personal Trainers to help get you into great shape and feel fantastically fit.

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Thank you for your interest in Personal Training with Riptide.

There are many reasons why Riptide appeals to various people and we respect it will be a personal decision made by you should you to choose to train with us.

To help us help you, could you answer the questions below and the most suitable of our personal trainers will contact you very quickly.

From there, we can arrange a meeting so you can get to know one another a little more personally and figure out if a suitable connection exists to create a positive and effective relationship going forward and getting the results you are after.

Once again, thank you for looking at Riptide for helping you.

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