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Hove Park Pavilion


Enhance your health and fitness with Personal Trainers and Fitness Coaches in our studio and outdoor group exercise sessions.

We have a treatment and Therapy room offering Physiotherapy and sports massage. 

Book in for Classes, sessions and appointments with our Coaches and Personal Trainers to help get you into great shape and feel fantastically fit.

Kick Start Fitness

Kick Start Fitness: A great place to begin

You may already be fit, looking to get fit, get active or get back into exercise training.

This class is about learning the fundamental movements which are used by Riptide and understand some of the terminology used in fitness classes. 
We consider the exercises in this class as essential. 

This includes some warm up drills and dynamic stretching. Reviewing or learning some good abdominal exercises by 'engaging your core' effectively. Also, the subtle differences between performing a squat to that of a 'hip hinge'. If you do not know that yet, we will take you through it.

Knowing, understanding and being able to do the exercises in this class will help you get the most out of all of the other classes. 

This class is great for orientating yourself with the important points for using safe and effective technique for movements such as the plank, squat, lunge and hinge.

  • Small groups so a higher level of attention is paid personally to getting things right at the beginning
  • Relaxed and informative pace - an introduction to what you can do and what Riptide can offer
  • Great for practicing and getting an understanding of dynamic the warm ups and exercises Riptide uses
  • Practice the movements, form and exercise technique used in the Body Fit Classes and beyond so you are prepared to progress your strength and levels of fitness