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Hove Park Pavilion


Enhance your health and fitness with Personal Trainers and Fitness Coaches in our studio and outdoor group exercise sessions.

We have a treatment and Therapy room offering Physiotherapy and sports massage. 

Book in for Classes, sessions and appointments with our Coaches and Personal Trainers to help get you into great shape and feel fantastically fit.

About Riptide Gym

Riptide, the gym on the beach, Brighton

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August 2015: Hove Park, Health + Fitness

We have opened our Health + Fitness Studio at Hove Park Pavilion, Hove Park.

We offer Group Exercise Classes in and outside. Personal Training is available. We also have a treatment and therapy room for sports massage and physiotherapy. 

March 2015

We are still looking to either return to the beach and/or find any other location to continue providing a gym which values personal relationships and service with its members and community.

We always strive to support, guide and provide a facility and service that you feel happy and comfortable about in order that you can achieve your personal goals, improve your levels of health and fitness and enjoy life more fully. 

If you know of a location we could possibly set up such a gym again, we would love to hear from you.

Thank you.

Matt Bartsch

Closure of the Riptide Gym in Kings Road Arches (April 2013)

Following an inspection in 2012 of the seafront arches at the bottom of West Street, occupied by the Riptide Gym, engineers identified some potential problems with the overall condition of the structure. The Arcadia Kiosk, seafront toilets and the Beach Hut catering kiosk are also located here and are potentially affected.

The structural assessment has shown that the arches have deteriorated and that they are close to their absolute limits to support pedestrian loading on the pavement above. As a result the council has given notice to the businesses using the arches to mitigate the risk to pedestrians and cyclists using the pavement above and occupiers below.

The council has been working closely with the owners of the Riptide Gym to find an alternative premises in the city for relocation. A smaller temporary location has been found for the gym in the short term including temporary storage to help the owner during the relocation.

This section of the seafront was built in the 1880s and the poor condition of the structure is due to its age. The council is legally required to ensure that the safety of the general public is not put at risk. This will be achieved by propping the structure.  The interior of the structure will also need to be stripped back so that a more detailed investigation and survey can be completed before engineering designs are drawn up. The work is not being done as a result of changes to the A259 or the junction at the bottom of West Street.


Councillor Geoffrey Bowden:

“It is with great regret that we have had to give notice to the tenants of the seafront arches at the bottom of West Street. A structural survey has shown that the arches have deteriorated and work to support the carriageway needs to start as soon as possible. We will of course continue to help and support the tenants during this difficult time.“

Matt Bartsch, Owner of the Riptide Gym:

“We are working closely with the council to find a new location as quickly as possible to minimise any disruption to the members of the gym. Whilst its regrettable that we need to move we understand that the work needs to be done to make sure that the arches are safe.”